About me

Head of Clinical Services – Tavistock Relationships

Krisztina Glausius (BPC, BSCPC)

I originally trained at the  Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships, where I continue to work as a couple psychoanalytic psychotherapist and Head of Clinical Services.

As a faculty staff member at Tavistock Relationships, I have jointly set up and led the innovative Adopting Together Service, which supports the couple relationship of parents who have adopted or have children placed with them. Prior to that, I worked as the Deputy Lead of the Parenting Together Service. As a member of the Parenting Together Team, I worked as Senior Research Psychotherapist on Tavistock Relationships’s ‘Parents in Conflict’ randomised controlled trial investigating the effectiveness of the Mentalization-based therapy for parental conflict – Parenting Together.

I am also involved in delivering and supervising Tavistock Relationships Parents as Partners project, which is an evaluated group work programme for parents who are struggling with conflict and stress in their parenting and relationships.

I have a special interest in working with separated parents who are struggling to resolve their conflict and establish a collaborative co-parenting relationship to support their children.

I have co-authored Tavistock Relationships practical guide, which offers support to separated parents. You can read a brief summary of this publication by clicking on the link below:

A Guide for Parents – Getting it right for the Children

For a fuller list of my professional publications, see the publications page.

I am bound by the professional code of conduct and ethics set out by the British Psychoanalytic Council.

I am also a founder member of the British Society of Couple Psychotherapists and Counsellors.

In my private practice, I see couples and individuals and I offer a predominantly psychoanalytic approach. This is a non-directive, exploratory way of working that is thought to be beneficial in addressing deep-seated, complex, troubling issues and supports patients in creating a more fulfilling life. This analytic approach examines how past experiences might shape and influence our thinking in regard to both our present relationships and in our relationship with ourselves.

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy works toward developing a greater awareness of these early patterns of behaviour, allowing the individual or couple to experience a greater sense of personal authority and well-being in the here and now.

If you feel that you would like to know more about how psychotherapy might help you, please get in touch. I can be reached by email. Any communication between us will be kept confidential.